4 Workshop Rules I’ve Learned

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Our team had the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Mr. Kenji. That is a fantastic experience and you will learn a lot from it. But there are four rules that I believe are really essential. It works every time and may help you in sometime.

1. Don’t judge people 

Many times we have a propensity to pass judgment on others and others prefer to evaluate us based on someone else’s narrative, whether it’s from the story or from the outside that we encounter. People are frequently compared, whether in terms of education, status, daily life, or personal beliefs. You are not standing there, therefore do not block other people’s ideas. Just because I judge based on my own views. Don’t pass judgment on others based on their tales. Because we don’t know as much as the person standing there.

2. Help each other 

I can grasp what “help each other” from the workshop because when our team does not understand, we want to practice and help each other. Then I believe we are always helping one other in various ways, including work, ideas, and even personal matters. That workshop, I believe, has helped me comprehend more and more.

3. Enjoy

If you enjoy you can do every thing with happy and effective. You can make many idea and enjoy with workshop and learning. Example, We have one game you just write two thing is true and one thing  is fake after that your team will ask the question from you guess which is the fake one. That is can help you to know each other and make good communication and enjoy. If you are not enjoy to do you will can not understand what you can get. 

4. Don’t hesitate

Don’t be afraid to ask or answer questions. Be confident because it will allow you to take chances and better yourself. In Thailand, from the past to the present, it has been customary to be concerned that if one’s replies are incorrect, one would become bashful. I used to be one of such individuals, but now I realize that no one knows everything, so just asking or answering will not make you lose, but you will know the true answer.

This is what I’ve learnt from the workshop, and I believe we had a successful workshop in terms of getting to know each other better and learning more about our jobs. Thank you so much, Mr. Kenji. We really appreciate you.


I would like to introduce our teacher and friend at the same time, 

Mr. Kenji Nakamura (Learning designer & facilitator)


there is only Japanese language for now, English language will coming soon ! 


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